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With upcoming smartphones and advancements in technology, the future of mobile apps is quite bright. One can expect new inventions which can help the business to grow at a greater pace.

How do mobile app development trends make the difference?

Today smartphones have become the best friend of people. With this, it becomes crucial to understand the latest trends in mobile app development. These are the ones that are about to change the lives of users. Apart from the functionality, they bring productivity to the business. IT also helps in strengthening the user base.

So, let us peek into some of the major ones.

Mobile app trends 2021

  • 5G Network

Statistics reveal that 5G connections will reach up to 100 million. It is the most anticipated trend. Soon iPhone 12 is going to have 5G network provision. The exceptional speed of the network and improved security are what make it a critical development. Streaming services without buffering will now no longer be a dream. Driverless vehicle technology and cloud computing are some future applications of 5G.

  • Mobile Wallets

It is one of the crucial mobile app trends in 2021. Today limited physical contact and online shopping have become part of life. This is the reason why mobile wallets are seeing a major acceptance. Market researchers expect that each mobile wallet user will spend approximately $4064 in 2025 through it. Audio-based mobile wallets are one of the future trends expected in this area.

  • Virtual Events Streaming

 Online classes were not so common before. But due to the pandemic things are changing. Virtual events streaming has become the new normal. Zoom, ConnexeMe, and many such platforms have gained popularity. The trend is going to continue in 2022.

  • On-demand Apps

You must be having location-based demands. For this new on-demand apps have come into the market and more are in the pipeline. Various mobile app development companies are focusing on such apps. In the future, one can expect on-demand laundry services or on-demand babysitting apps.

  • Wearables

SmartWatch and body sensors are examples of wearables. They can track heartbeats, body temperature, walking steps, and various body movements. Their usage is increasing in sports and fitness. But wearables can do much more than that like in the coming times there are chances of mind-reading glass or smart shoes just like smartwatches.

  • Beacon Technology

You google a shirt of a specific brand that you want to try physically. How beacon technology works here? It shows you the stores which have the shirt you like along with the price and other details. It is possible through Bluetooth Low Energy Signals (BLE). Your phone app gets the signals when it enters the beacon zone. Healthcare, travel and tourism, all are about to implement this new trend.

  • Biometric authentication

Earlier started with unlocking phones, this trend is now applied in accessing bank accounts. In the future, it can be useful for immigration services, online banking, and payments. It includes iris recognition, hand geometry, face and voice recognition, fingerprint scanning, and more.

  • Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality(VR)

AR and VR-based apps are bringing the concept of mixed reality. You can find augmented reality filters on Instagram. Soon there are going to be VR and AR-based concerts, virtual learning, and more.

Wrapping Up

Things are going to be much faster with these mobile app development trends. For integrating them you will require the best app development company. Consult the best providers of mobile app development services like ISPP Global. The experts here will help in keeping your app updated with the upcoming trends.